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Meet the Curator


Hello! My name is Clark Silva. After receiving my bachelors in Illustration from California State University, Fullerton, I returned to pursue my Masters in Art History and Museum Studies.  My study focus is not only on museology, including registration archivist, and exhibition design, but visual culture, specifically  holidays/festivals, folktales, mythology, video games, heavy metal music, and LGBT art and representations. 

I have always loved Halloween, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has been an intrinsic part of the celebration for me.  As a contemporary symbol of the holiday in America, I wanted to analyze the history of the story, and how a tale written years before Halloween arrived in the United States became synonymous with it. This exhibition, Legend: 200 Years of Sleepy Hollow, seeks to trace the evolution of the Legend in popular culture, from bucolic folk tale to Halloween harbinger.  

You can follow me on Instagram: @artofclarksilva

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